Principal’s Desk  Mission & Vision
VM PICDear Parents And Students,Hello and Welcome to another event full academic yearI am sure you have understood a fair portion of the activities ,programs and culture practiced in our school through our website. My team and I are here to welcome your wards to a holistic educational experience. Our vision to provide an environment that encompasses over all development and progress in all our students . we ensure to ground our teaching techniques and values to all our varied learners. Our mission to produce Global citizens ,embedded with skills that help them stand out in a crowd. I believe that charity, sensitivity , understanding ,leadership and intellect needs to be the focal points of development in an individual and ensure these overall skill developments are reflected in to all our students.We encourage our parents to be a part of this positive experience by being an active member in your child’s educational years and giving us your valued suggestions.Your Partner in Education,Mrs. MathewPRINCIPAL

Mission :We believe that education is the all important requisite to shape and mould the future of our next generation. We aim to be the base from which the child will continue to soar and flourish Qualitative and life enhancing is the focus of elite education. Carrying forward the three – pronged strategy of child + school + after school, we hope to surge forward and reach the pinnacle of institutional and educational gloryRead more..

Vision:1) To equip every elitian to become valued assets for the society
2) To impart all round education through academics and co- extra curricular activities.
3) To help our students build a worthy personality.
4) To enable elitians to explore their creative pursuits.
5) To help students realize their dreams.